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Santahar railway station

Santahar is a railway junction in Santahar Municipality in Bogra District of Rajshahi Division in Bangladesh.

From 1878, the railway route from [[Kolkata]], then called Calcutta, to [[Siliguri]] was in two laps. The first lap was a 185&nbsp;km journey along the Eastern Bengal State Railway from Calcutta Station (later renamed Sealdah) to Damookdeah Ghat on the southern bank of the [[Padma River]], then across the river in a ferry and the second lap of the journey. A 336&nbsp;km metre gauge line of the North Bengal Railway linked Saraghat on the northern bank of the Padma to Siliguri.<ref name=njp>{{cite web| url =|title = India: the complex history of the junctions at Siliguri and New Jalpaiguri | publisher= [[IRFCA]]|accessdate = 2011-12-26 }}</ref> It was during this period that Santahar came up as a railway station.

In 1899-1900 a metre gauge railway line was constructed between Santahar and Fulchhari, on the western bank of the [[Jamuna River (Bangladesh)|Jamuna]] by Brahmaputra-Sultanpur Railway Company.<ref name=history>{{cite web| url = |title = Brief History| publisher= Bangladesh Railway| archiveurl =| archivedate = 2011-12-20| accessdate = 2011-12-26 }}</ref>

The Kolkata-Siliguri main line was converted to broad gauge in stages. The Shakole-Santahar section was converted in 1910-1914, when [[Hardinge Bridge]] was under construction. The Harding